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Welcome to the Ktrials Manager Pages

If new to Ktrials, click on the "How to Start" button to request a free new licence. You can then download the Ktrials program and manual and can use the program in trial mode. This means that there will be a limit to the event size, and rider entries cannot be downloaded from the web. However, there is no time limit.

How does Ktrials work

  • Ktrials efficiently supports you along every step of event management

Entry preparations

  • Ktrials will streamline all of the required planning and details before you post your event onto Ktrials online.
  • You can specify the rider information required and the classes and yards available.

Rider entry

  • This is the best part, the riders do that themselves, making all their own changes up to the specified closing time.
  • From the online program, competitors are able to view or enter your event by supplying all desired competitor and horse information before making a payment and sending their entries directly into Ktrials. This ensures efficiency and accuracy with personal information
  • Your event will automatically be taken down from the online entry list on the chosen closing date, although late entries can still be manually entered.
  • You can access and download the entries from the web directly into Ktrials on your computer at any time.

Event program made easy

  • When competitor entries have been finalised, Ktrials will create equal Sections based on the number of rider entries and the maximum number of competitors in each Section.
  • The program can automatically identify the amount of time needed for each Phase in each Section, and create the start times for all Phases.
  • The organiser can specify the desired tests and courses for each Section, as well as entering rules and regulations per Section.


  • Ktrials will create lists of riders, taking into account competitors with multiple horses, requests, teammates or siblings.
  • Ktrials will automatically create a list of possible positions within that Class for rider allocation
  • It will create a calendar revealing competitor times throughout each Phase of the competition, identifying any problems which may occur in the allocation process.
  • During the Rider allocation process the Ktrials program is able to create several lists and reports to identify and fix any problems.


  • When starting times are finalised the program will send the details to all riders via email or by printing reply slips and sending them via the post.


  • At the event the scorers can enter and check individual scores for each Phase, using multiple computers connected through the Ktrials networking setup. This enables a number of computers to be working on the scoring and placing of the event simultaneously.
  • Once scores have been entered the program will then create printed placing sheets for each Phase of your competition. This is an efficient way of allowing the event organisers to publish and post a running score sheet for each Section.


  • After immediately posting competitor scores and Section placements, Ktrials is able to automatically publish the event results onto the Ktrials online web page, allowing online viewing.