About Ktrials

Ktrials created by P.A.S. Consultants       Version 4.7 © 2018

Ktrials Version 4 is a combination of a program running on your computer interacting with a web site to simplify the complete management of an event from rider entries to score publication. It includes event design, rider allocation and scoring using multiple computers networked together.

Version 3 has been around for some years and used by many clubs. It did not have online rider entry but provided most of the other features of the new version

Version 4 enhances all the features offering greater flexibility and ease of control. The manual provides over 100 pages of simple 'How to' steps and detailed options.

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How did Ktrials start?

Bill introduces the concept of computers and the web to event management. He has been working with Ktrials for nearly 20 years developing a tool that is designed to help you to handle the entries, score and assist at all stages of the event.

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