How to Start Installation

Follow these series of instructions to get your free licence and install Ktrials.
We suggest you print the instructions for easy reference.

Go 'Back' to the Managers Start page and click 'LogIn'
    Request a New Licence Number
    Fill in all the details.
    Click 'NEW Licence'
    Wait for the email to arrive
    Enter the new licence number and your password
    Click 'Downloads'
Before installing Ktrials we recommend you download the Manual and the Demonstration Event.
It is also recommended that you create a directory called 'KtrialsData' at the root level for storage of your events.
    Click on the Manual
    Specify directory and click Save
    Click on 'Demonstration Event'
    Specify directory and click Save
Now install Ktrials by clicking on the 'Horse' at the left.
    Click 'Install'
    If '.NET Framework' is required, click 'Accept'
    Wait for all the .NET files to download and install. This may take sometime, but will only ever be required once.
    Continue to 'Install' Ktrials
Ktrials will start automatically.
    Enter your licence number.
    Click 'Start in Trial Mode'
    Load a Previous Event
    Select the 'Demonstration Event' previously saved, or
    go to Chapter 4 in the Manual which has Step by Step instructions for starting a new event.

To validate Ktrials for full operation, return to the web and using your 'Licence' make a payment.
    Validation will occur automatically.

Good luck with your use of Ktrials and if the help is not in the manual, we can be contacted by email using the Contact page of this Web Site.
Or you can go to the 'Manager Forum' on the Contact page to ask question and give answers for the benefit of all users.

Bill Penrose
Ktrials Scoring Team

PS - Ktrials will need continual access to the web for validaton, so you may need to allow access for Ktrials through any firewalls you have installed.
To restart Ktrials if no Icon is visible, Click 'Start | All Programs | waarble Pty Ltd | Ktrials'