What is it good for. Are you

  • having trouble getting volunteers for your event
  • staying up late sorting information
  • scratching your hair over missed payments
  • being annoyed by all the phone calls
  • tired of all the reports that have to be printed and distributed
  • worried about accuracy or late publication of results

Ktrials is here to help

Ktrials is a powerful package that significantly reduces the hassle and time involved in organising Pony Club or EA events.

We provide online 'one on one' support for all new users and continuous email support. You are not left alone and can be confident to start making it easy.

How did Ktrials start?

Bill introduces the concept of computers and the web to event management. He has been working with Ktrials for nearly 20 years developing a tool that is designed to help you to handle the entries, score and assist at all stages of the event.

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