Kate's recommendation

Kate talks about the Ktrials featrures and her experience at the training.

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"Pakenham HT have used Ktrials now for 2 years and its helped enormously with online entries and payments, building the draw, automating the calculation of scoring, quick printing and posting of the many required reports .... posting our results to Horse Deals on Sunday evening. Ktrials enables committees to perform these tasks with fewer people at a very reasonable cost." - Rosemary Buczak, Victoria

The new guy

Brett has just started, but finds it is a help.

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"As an event organiser for the past 10 years I have watched Ktrials develop into the reliable and versatile entries and scoring system it has become. Horse Trials events in Western Australia have seen the use of various different online entry systems and with the tremendous level of support and prompt assistance we now use the Ktrials event entry and scoring system for events at Brigadoon, Fairbridge, Moora, Gidegannup, Brookleigh, Narrogin and Perth Horse Trials.

Your willingness to continue to evolve the system to suit the needs of an increasingly demanding customer base is invaluable." - Sue Warren, WA

Liz compares to pen and paper

Liz says goodbye to pen and paper.

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"Ktrials has proved to be the most valuable asset in the smooth running of the complicated sport of horse trials and all clubs have now invested in KTrials." - Billy Hawes, Western Australia

The rider's point of view

Riders find that they get the information they need, much faster.

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"The program has met all our expectations enabling us to record all phases of our one day event, provide accurate detailed information and display reports in the style of which the riders/EFA are accustomed. The recording of this information can be achieved with the minimum number of staff and is quite capable of one person scoring with one hundred and twenty riders." - Jim Parker, Wagga NSW